Healthy school meals

School catering services

We are an award-winning school meals provider, serving tasty, nutritious and healthy meals for primary and secondary schools. We work in partnership from day one with our schools to promote healthy meals for the pupils, increase meal uptake and enhanced engagement with the services we offer.

We deliver healthy and nutritious meals to school children, giving them the best possible chance in their academic lives. We know from research that children who eat a healthy school meal perform better in class, are better behaved, have more energy and improved wellbeing as they grow and develop.

We provide lunches that are freshly prepared each day by our fully trained, enthusiastic and committed chefs and teams, which come alive through fresh and healthy ingredients that are bespoke to the demographics of the area, locally sourced and ethically grown.


Healthy food


We provide young people with the tools to make healthy food choices; we prepare and present them with the right nutrition choices to enable them to reach their full potential. We wholeheartedly believe that lunchtime should be a fun part of the day, filled with lots of different, flavoursome and healthy options with links to school curriculums.

We employ dedicated people who share our passion for creating and delivering food that children like and want, working in partnership and listening to our clients to develop healthy, fresh and tasty menus.

Food safety and hygiene is paramount, which is reflected in our kitchens being awarded 5 Star Food Hygiene Ratings from the Food Standards Agency.


School lunches


We commit to provide the following every day:

  • Slow release, complex carbohydrates
  • Meat-free meal options
  • Unlimited vegetables and salad
  • Seasonal products
  • Limited sugar and refined carbs
  • Cultural and religious options including Halal
  • Special diets and allergies

With one in four children living with allergies in the UK we have a robust allergen system to ensure the safety of those with food allergies. All our catering teams undertake rigorous in-house training covering allergy awareness.


Friendly staff


In addition to lunches, we can cater for breakfast, after school clubs and special events such as parents’ evenings and open days, giving parents and carers the opportunity to taste the meals we provide to their children.

Secondary school menus reflect the students’ preference for a more ‘High Street’ style food offering, with branded choices and "street food bars” catering for a range of alternative choices and meal deals with an option for a ‘Grab and Go’ dining style.


Street food bars