At BD Group, we conduct our business based on the principles of integrity, honesty and fairness. We are a people company, and all our profits are invested back into the company and in the communities where we operate.

Sustainability is integral to our operations, and safety is a given. We care about our customers and our staff, and we check in with them to constantly review how we deliver our services safely and healthily.

We are committed to working towards a more sustainable and inclusive economy:

We care for the people and the environment - we work safely, or not at all. And we work closely with our suppliers, finding partners who care as much as we do about their impact on the planet.  We care about serving our customers sustainable products with ethical welfare standards, that’s why we are proud to be part of food accreditation schemes.

We act ethically and transparently – we conduct our business with a high degree of integrity and transparency. We are stronger because we work together and look out for each other.  We actively promote skills and employment opportunities for all. And we believe that a hard day’s work deserves a fair day’s pay, that’s why we pay all staff the London Living Wage as a minimum.

We learn and develop together – we always strive to be better in everything we do. We are a learning organisation, we foster an inclusive culture where we are open and fair, showing trust and respect for each other.

We are committed to our customers – we focus on delivering high quality services to our customers. We take pride in quality and innovative solutions, and we encourage diversity to deliver the best solutions.


Supporting our communities