Environmental management

Environmental Management

Our experts can offer advice on structural, architectural, and operational changes to reduce the negative impact of buildings on their occupants and the environment. We find sustainable solutions through innovation.

We can advise on and implement:

  • Green products and processes - are the cleaning agents, processes and solutions in use impacting the environment negatively or not? 
  • Implementation of zero-to-landfill policy that aims to reduce the contribution of a business into landfill sites to zero, or close to zero. This is achieved through the three Rs of managing waste: Reduce, Reuse & Recycle
  • Compliance with legislation and regulations to ensure facilities are managed legally and sustainably
  • Usage of alternative energy sources, such as electric alternatives to fossil fuels in vehicles and equipment, and the installation of LED lighting and other energy efficiency products
  • Providing a zero to landfill waste and recycling programme, designed around your premise's needs to ensure you maximise your recycling and reduce your general waste. Waste can be used as a fuel and processing waste in the right format can turn your waste into electricity
  • Setting sustainability targets - detailed planning with achievable targets need to be set before environmental and sustainability progress can be made, and will enable progress to be monitored and measured. These targets include factors like reducing waste as a by-product of usage, following rules and regulations, recycling a certain percentage of waste produced and more. There targets allow you to measure the sustainability efforts quantitatively, allowing you to see exactly how sustainable any business is.

We are also able to offer waste and recycling services. Click here to find out more.