Covid cleaning

Covid-19 cleaning

In addition to regular contract cleaning, we offer deep cleaning and infection prevention control to schools, offices, public buildings and commercial premises. We can offer deep cleans for new and existing clients following a confirmed case of coronavirus or prior to reopening.

For health and safety reasons, 24 hours needs to have passed since a confirmed case of Covid-19 there before we can clean a room.

We are always keen to introduce the latest innovations and have introduced a range of new anti-viral cleaning products including Shield Plus™ by Panaz which is a water-based technology that forms an invisible, protective layer on both fabric and hard surfaces, delivering a unique anti-microbial barrier that kills bacteria and viruses immediately on contact, including the coronavirus. A light spray offers long-term protection that is effective for up to 90 days.

Risk Assessments are produced in collaboration with the clients and each site is assessed to identify high risk touch points that require additional cleaning throughout each day. All staff are allocated correct PPE and we ensure that they were able to travel to and from sites safely.

We will continue to support our regular clients and other local schools and businesses that need additional cleaning services, assistance and guidance during these challenging times, giving them the assurance that their premises are clean and safe.