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5 Star Food Hygiene Rating for school catering team

Congratulations to our school catering team at St Vincent’s Catholic Primary School in Dagenham for their 5 Star Food Rating from the Food Standards Agency, thanks to their high standards & commitment to cleaning & food hygiene practices. 

This latest 5 star Food Hygiene rating is one of many that have been awarded to our kitchen teams across Barking and Dagenham.  BD Together is committed to ensuring that all our school kitchens exceed standard cleaning practices, making sure that our teams are fully trained, follow the latest guidance and are aware of the importance of food safety and hygiene.

The kitchens were visited by a Local Authority Environmental Health Officer who assessed them against the following criteria:

  • Personal hygiene practices, including ensuring that staff members are following correct hand-washing procedures, and the use of appropriate protective clothing.
  • How food is labelled, including the validity of product/menu descriptions, health claims, and correct allergen labelling.
  • Equipment maintenance, including the cleanliness of appliances, fridge door handles and light switches, etc.
  • Pest control methods and their effectiveness, plus staff knowledge of how to identify and report common pests.
  • The methods used for preventing contamination (physical, chemical, allergenic and microbial).
  • Cleaning techniques and schedules, including the management of hazardous cleaning chemicals, the use of colour-coded equipment and the cleaning schedule.
  • Temperature control when storing, cooking, cooling, freezing and displaying food.
  • The condition of the premises, including the layout, design, construction, cleanliness and size of both permanent and temporary food preparation areas and staff restrooms.
  • The food safety management system, including ensuring that we have an appropriate and documented system in place (such as HACCP), are following its principles effectively and have trained all staff members in food safety practices.


Well done team! 

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